HPI seeks to alleviate poverty through gifting 
livestock to indigent families that come together 
to form a cooperative group.  The first year the 
offspring must be gifted to another group along with 
the training and skills received, so the gift is 
passed on.  In this way your original donation keeps 
on giving.  In Nepal this organization also provides 
adult education, girl-child scholarships, sanitation 
projects, women's empowerment workshops, and so much 
more.  Following an HHN presentation, the Service 
High School Honor Society in Anchorage, Alaska, founded 
the SHS Endowment for Nepal through HPI.  Interest from
this endowment continues to send livestock to Nepali 
groups, most of which are comprised of females.  If 
you would like to contribute to this endowment, please 
first contact HHN directly.

For additional information on Heifer Project/Nepal, please see:

Heifer Project International/Nepal

Heifer Project International

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